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Virtual currencies are integrating with payment systems

Virtual currencies are integrating with payment systems

From now on, the Dash cryptocurrency is accepted in more than 40 million stores: Dash blockchain platform and Wirex payment system signed a cooperation agreement. Since the systems’ payment cards are integrated with Visa and can use bitcoin accounts, this gives Dash coin users great opportunities.

Wirex is a blockchain platform that combines cryptocurrency and personal banking. Its customers receive a single mobile account, which allows the use of fiat currencies (USD, GBP, EUR) and bitcoin. After signing the contract with Dash, another cryptocurrency was added to the list of assets. In one of the interviews, Dash developers reported that Wirex card owners will soon be able to make purchases with the help of Dash coins, and also cash and convert them to bitcoins fast.

According to the Wirex banking platform co-founder Pavel Matveev, today, Dash is the most popular cryptocurrency in Kiev. Soon it will become also the most convenient one: you will be able to pay with it everywhere where a Visa card is accepted (shops, cafes, gas stations, etc.); and do this with a card or a smartphone app.

Dash wallet Integration into the Wirex platform is planned to be completed by December. The next target set by the decentralized bank developers is bitcoin — contactless payments with the first cryptocurrency and a number of other services.

Meanwhile, some cryptocurrencies try to manipulate the market by declaring their cooperation with payment systems. This way, creators of Monaco virtual coins recently caused a price increase of their currency by almost 700%, spreading information about the partnership with Visa. This was said in the company’s press release. But in fact, the company has just started working with the licensed Visa card issuer Wirecard AG, which studies the reliability of Monaco. What will be the result of this cooperation, is yet unknown.